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 Welcome To The D6 Initiative!

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The D6 Initiative


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PostSubject: Welcome To The D6 Initiative!   Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:14 pm

Namaste! And welcome to the D6 Initiative. Here at the D6I we strive for a "friends first, gamers second" mentality. What exactly does that mean? That means that when playing games amongst ourselves, we recognize that most important of all, we are all friends, and that is more important than trying to win a game at all costs. After all, it is just a game. To that end, we have adopted some principles, house rules, and code of conduct that promotes a friendly gaming environment.

As friends, we put the needs of members of the group ahead of the needs of the game. For example, Games Workshop changes the rules ever so often in order to sell more armies. This usually means a person's army gets "nerfed" and they have to buy new models in order to play the game or they have to "retire" their army until a new rules set comes out that allows them to play their army once again. The D6I realizes this: it is akin to Neo swallowing the red pill and awakening into reality. So we come up with house rules to allow members to continue to play their army without having to fork out money they really don't have to buy new models, such as allowing them to use older army books or tweeking the main rules slighty. We are more interested in friendly games than filling the coffers of a giant corporation.

The D6I is more than just a club; it is a network of people and friends who share the same gaming principles no matter what club they belong to, what game system they play, or what location they play in. In this way, we hope to establish a large-scale network of members so that when members visit different locations to play a game, there is someone there who is on the same page and shares the same principles so that they are guaranteed a fun, friendly and casual game.

We also encourage different groups to be autonomous in order to come up with their own House Rules that fit the needs of their particular members, in accordance with the Spirit of the Game and the Universal House Rules. What works for one group might not work for another, so we don't want one group to feel like they have to adopt house rules from a different group if those rules don't mesh well with the needs of their particular group. We should all share some common ground but also be independent enough to have our own individual group "identities."

Guests here have access to a limited number of forums. Members of the D6I network have access to a wider range of forums than guests. There are certain forums that are only accessible to those that are actual members that make up the D6I Club. If you are interested in becoming a full member of the D6I Club, we generally want to get to know you by playing a few games with you first. Club Members play at Hobby Town in Mt. Juliet on Saturdays starting at 11:00 am, the Game Keep in Hermitage on Thursday nights starting at 6 pm, and Comix City Too in Madison on Sundays starting at noon. If you are interested in membership and would like to schedule a "get to know you" game, then send us a PM through our profile here so that we can make arrangements.

In an effort to stop bots from signing up, all new accounts will need to be activated by an admin. If you would like to post on this forum, please send an email to requesting access after registering on the forums.

Please include the ID that you have registered with and a brief introduction.

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Welcome To The D6 Initiative!
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