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 Hobby Town House Rules For Friendly/Casual Games

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PostSubject: Hobby Town House Rules For Friendly/Casual Games   Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:20 pm

These are the house rules adopted by D6I members at Hobby Town in Mt. Juliet for when we play each other. The first four house rules are to cover those using an older codex. The rest are small changes to the main rules to best suit the needs of the group and/or to make the game more flexible and challenging.  

House Rules

1 Any power/force weapon carried by a Special Character (in a pre-6th edition Codex) that has a name and/or unique rules (i.e., those that have different abilities from the ones in the BRB, such as Abaddon's Demon Weapon) will have AP2. Since all power weapons pre-6th were essentially AP1 (since they ignored armor), this helps those using pre-6th edition books stay "current" with the 6th edition changes.

2. All Dreadnought Close Combat weapons (in a pre-6th edition Codex) are AP2. (This is suggested in the BRB but I want to elaborate so that it covers all DCCWs that have different abilities from the example given in the BRB.) ****A power weapon in the hand of a Space Marine is AP3, but a power weapon in the hand of a Demon Prince becomes AP2. In similar fashion, it is reasonable to see how a giant, armored, walking machine of death would hit just as hard as a Demon Prince, thus the elaboration on AP2.

3. Power/Force Weapons that can only be taken by Independent Characters (in a pre-6th edition Codex) that have special names and unique abilities that differ from those in the BRB are AP2 (such as Demon Weapons from the pre-6th Edition Chaos Codicies).

4. General (not those belonging to Special Characters) power/force weapons or Unusual
Power/Force Weapons listed in a particular pre-6th edition codex that have glaive, axe, stave, mace, etc., listed in their description and/or rules will follow the rules on page 60-61of the main rulebook in addition to their normal rules.

5. You don't auto lose if at the end of turn one you don't have any units on the table. Instead, if at the end of game turn 2 you don't have any models on the table (either from losing casualties or not rolling high enough to bring your reserves in) then you would auto lose.

6. When determining Warlord Traits, you can choose to roll on the chart in your codex (if it has one) or from the chart in the BRB. If you choose to roll from the BRB, you roll a D6 then pick the number rolled from any one of the 3 charts.

Don't Club a Baby Seal

The following army list construction is designed to help new players learn the rules from veterans without them being clubbed like a baby seal. So players would agree to a points limit and then make their lists according to the following guidelines.

1. No Special Characters. This includes unit upgrade special characters like Lemartes and Pask and also special versions of units that aren't necessarilly labeled "character," like the Swarmlord or the Doom of Malantai.

2. No allied units.

3. The total number of Elites, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support choices combined cannot exceed the number of Troops choices. So if you have 2 Troop choices, then you could have a maximum of 2 Elites, or a max of 2 Fast Attack, or a max of 2 Heavy Support. Or you could mix your two choices from among Elites, FA, and HS.

4. No "Deathstar" units.

Deathstars Defined

So, for the purposes of the "Don't Club a Baby Seal" rule, here is a list of common Deathstars that have been gathered from the interwebs. A Deathstar is generally defined as a tough unit that has 1 or more characters or special characters attached that can destroy just about any unit it comes up against. The unit itself is generally kitted out with upgrades that maximize its close combat abilities or shooting abilities or both, and any attached characters will boost the abilities and/or survivability of the unit. These units also cost a ridiculous amount of points.

Now, while there may be other "tough" or "hard" units out there that may be similar to Deathstars, we will just limit what counts as a Deathstar to what is on this list. Otherwise people can start claiming that anything is a Deathstar, such as Riptides, Tervigons, Wraithknights, Plague Ogryn, etc., and then lower level games will start to become bland and watered down, which is not the intention with these lower level games.

The list will be subject to revision as new army books come out.

Space Marines (all chapters)
Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators with attached characters that buff the unit.

Space Wolves
Thunderwolf Cav with attached characters on Thunderwolves

Grey Knights
Paladins with attached characters

Blood Angels
Death Company with numerous upgrades and attached characters

Dark Angels
Belial and Death Wing Knights

Swarmlord + tyrant guard + Tyranid Prime
Tyranid Prime and a bunch of Bonesword/Lash Whip warriors

Dark Eldar
Archon + Incubi

Wraithseer w/ attached full wraithguard

Overlord + Lychguard + members of a Royal Court + Nightscythe
Overlord + fully kitted out Royal Court + Destroyer lord

Farsight Bomb

Chaos Space Marines
Abaddon with Terminators

Nob bikers with Ork Biker Boss
Ghazgull (or other Boss) with full Meganobz squad in battlewagon

Chaos Demons
Karanak + 3x Khorne Jugger Heralds w/Axe of Khorne + either Bloodcrushers/Hounds
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Hobby Town House Rules For Friendly/Casual Games
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