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 Impudent Mortal Product Review

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The D6 Initiative


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PostSubject: Impudent Mortal Product Review   Sat May 03, 2014 12:41 am

So today we take a look at some terrain from a company called Impudent Mortal. They make laser cut mdf terrain and gaming accesories. Their website is They make lots of nice terrain ranging from steampunk buildings to near future buildings and terrain accessories, in 10mm and 28mm sizes. The pieces we will be looking at today are the Level 1 Advanced Steampunk L Building without puzzle piece backing, Level 2 Steampunk Building, and the Steampunk Bridge. Level one and Level two refers to the number of floors a building has.

To begin, the packages come in a shrink-wrap plastic with a label describing what kit is in the package. Not bad, as it saves money for both the company and the consumer in the form of not having to spend a lot of money on a shiny box that advertises what's inside with pretty pictures. They have plenty of pictures on their website if you need to look at a kit for reference, so this is nice.

When assembling these kits, there are some videos on their website that you should watch before you begin. The info in these videos is typically general information that applies to all their kits, such as what types of glue to use, paints, cleaning the pieces, etc. In addition, they have instructions for each of the kits in pdf format on their website as well.

In assembling the selection of kits for this review, I found that for the basic kits you didn't really need the instructions. All of the pieces are designed to fit together in a specific way, and so if you find yourself with a piece not fitting together exactly right (such as there is a big gap), then you probably don't have the right piece, even though it looks like it should go where you are trying to place it. So, before gluing anything in place, I highly recommend dry fitting each assembly to make sure the correct parts are in place.

With the Level 2 Steampunk building, the assembly was pretty straight forward, with no instructions needed. This is what came in the package:

What you have is two roof sections, four walls, and two floor sections. For this build, I glued everything together except for one of the roof sections. This will allow a person to remove a roof section and place models on the first and second floors like so:

As said, the Level 2 Steampunk building was pretty straight forwared in assembly. For the Level 1 Advanced Steampunk L building, I still didn't need to look at the instructions, although I did have to look at the pictures of a completed building to see where a couple of pieces went. This kit contained quite a few more pieces than the first one.

In addition to the laser cut mdf pieces, this kit also included laser cut sheets of grey cardboard with extra detailing that could be applied to the walls and roof of the building. These are mostly some brick detail that goes along the outside of the walls and some plating that could go on the roof. There are two doors that can either be glued shut, open, or left unglued depending on what you want. I also left two roof sections unglued so that models could be placed inside the building.

With those two down, it is time to move on to the Steampunk Bridge. For this assembly, I did need to read the instructions as there were a ton of pieces in this kit. You assemble this kit in three stages: the bridge proper, the lower walkway, and the upper walkway. Again, dry fitting before gluing anything on this kit is important. The "walls" of this kit come with two sides: an inside wall and an outside wall. Basically, all the detail work will be on one side of a wall and the other side is blank. The detail side should always be visible, and you glue the walls together on their blank sides.

As mentioned before, all the pieces of each kit are designed to go in specific places. For example, when assembling the steps, the spacer between steps has detail along the top and blank space along the bottom. The blank space is where you place your glue.

Here is the upper and lower walkway assembly.

This bridge is a rather large kit. What I like about it is that you can have 3 different lengths of bridge: small, medium, and long. You glue the upper and lower walkways together, but leave the middle bridge sections unglued so that you can change the length of your bridge from game to game as needed.

The length of the lower walkway is 12 inches, and the total width of the walkways and the longest bridge section comes in to almost 27 inches. So that is a 12" x 27" bridge, which is quite nice!

In addition, this kit comes with a lot of cogs to place on the bridge. You will need to sort them out as each cog has a specific place to go on the bridge, which is easy to figure out once you start dry fitting them.

Overall, I like these kits. They are easy to assemble, have lots of nice detail, are practical for gaming purposes, and are reasonably priced. They will have a vendor booth at Nashcon, so I highly recommend dropping by their booth and picking up some of these kits for your wargaming terrain needs.
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Devil Dog

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PostSubject: Re: Impudent Mortal Product Review   Sat May 03, 2014 12:19 pm

They have some really good stuff. I first saw them this year at Siege of Augusta and bought one of their paint trays (holders) for my desk. I put it together backwards, but it still works.

The only negative I would have to warn about is the lack of printed instructions with my kit.
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Impudent Mortal Product Review
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